About Us

Life in a Motorhome: Meet the Readers

Hi everybody, we are the Readers, Marge and Bill and welcome to our motorhome, Sylvan.

We want to invite you to join us on this amazing RV living journey that we are about to embark on. We set up the website and we’ll be doing blogs and videos and going through the process of downsizing and moving into RV living and heading out across the country and we want to take everybody with us for the journey.

It is a journey. There’s a lot of aspects to it. We’ll try to bring you along for the ups and downs of this adventure. Just bear with us and we hope you enjoy it.

How’d Bill End Up in a Motorhome?

Bill did the whole corporate job thing for 20 years, sitting in a cubicle. One day life changed on the marital front and had already changed on the children front. The kids are grown and were out doing their thing. I just decided I wasn’t having a good time. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore.

So, I left and started doing pretty much the same thing as a contractor. This gave me choices and more freedom.

That freedom first led me to a sailboat and then led me to Marge, and then Hurricane Irma led us to motorhome life.

Marge’s Path to RV Living

In 2012, I was divorced and had the house, the dogs, and the grown-up kids. They’d moved out and were on their own, making lives for themselves. I realized I didn’t want to be tied to a house. I didn’t want to be tied to material items. That began my downsizing. I was on the road for years, living in Tennessee and New Jersey. Finally, I made my way back to Florida and found Bill.

Like he said, Bill was living on a sailboat. Eventually, in our relationship, I moved into the 33-foot sailboat with him. We began the process of learning how to live in a small space together. It was a wonderful experience. We learned a lot, I got a lot of “boat bruises” over the year we lived together there.

Last year, were affected by Hurricane Irma. It was our second hurricane since living on the boat. This one did some damage. She destroyed the marina where we were living and did some damage to the boat. We had the boat towed into a slip at the marina in the community where Bill’s dad lives.

There it sat, and as we continued to ignore it for months and months we realized maybe it was time to move onto something else. We knew we loved the idea of living in a motorhome and pretty much made the decision that that’s what we’re going to do.

Watch as We Learn How to Live in a Motorhome

We want to chronicle everything we’re doing and what we learn along the way. The biggest decision was the motorhome itself.

What size motorhome, what type, what brand? We made that decision, we made that purchase, and now we’re in the process of moving into it. We’ll have lots of details explaining in more detail how we came to this decision and then the stuff that we’re currently going through to make the decision a reality.

Motorhome - Sylvan

Meet Sylvan, Our Motorhome

We named the van Sylvan. It means “spirit in the woods” which is perfect. Sylvan is a Class B motorhome, which means we can just pull off the road anytime we want to relax or check out a new spot.

We love taking the small roads that look like the famous “road not traveled” by many. For us, this is a bit like the old Volkswagen vans… but on steroids.

Finally, we hope you’ll come along for the ride. If you’re researching how to live in a motorhome either full-time or part-time, you should find some helpful information here. We’ll keep adding blog posts and videos as we go, and hope our adventure will inspire YOURS!